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Make your move, whether local or long distance, trouble free.
1. Contact us for a personalized quote specfic to your move. STEP 1: We will create an intial quote based on the information you provide us on the “Request for Quote” form. STEP 2: Then we will schedule a personal walk through of your home. This will allow us to go room by room and gather details on specific details pertaining to yur move. We will also go over insuring your move and provide a final quote based on the walk through. 2. Finalize your move date. 3. Get you moved out and moved in
It’s that easy!
“…Barnes has done exactly what they  said they were going to do, exactly  when they said they would do it…” “…they really did a fine job for us…we  will sure to call Barnes Van Lines for  any future moving needs” “…We appreciate your company and all the  employees with whom we had contact. you  have hired and trained an exceptional  staff and we are glad we had the  experience of working with them”” info@barnesvanlines.com Request for Quote
What you really need during a move is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’vechosen ahighly experienced, reliable company. That you can trust the people overseeing all the steps and details of your move. Our employee’s are committed to doing their best job possiblefor the company and our extended family of customers. We understand how important your belongings are and that moving them is just one part of a stressful transition. We feel that open communication is a must and encourage our customers to call our owner, if necessary, at any time. Wherever you go, whatever you’re moving or however long it takes between loading and delivery, we have the flexibility to do it all and tailor services to meet your unique needs. Using the most state of the art equipment in the industry is the final element of success. From a superior fleet of tractors, trailers, trucks, and vans, pads and dollies, our equipment is new, well maintained, clean and ready to take on the toughest demands of your move. Our professional staff has the experience to know to expect the unexpected and work as a team to coordinate all details of your move. Give us a call to discuss how we can assist you on your next move.
Barnes Van Lines packing services are designed to provide the right kind of help, when you want it. As part of our world class services, we insure that proper packing and preparation of your belongings are conducted. We recognize the importance of your household goods and how much you have invested and provide professional services to ensure your belongings arrive safely at your home. Our packing services starts with effective planning. Our representative will meet with you to discuss your packing needs, deciding whether we will do the packing and conducting a thorough walk through of your home. When we do the packing, a trained and experienced packing team will be assigned with the applied knowledge to do the job. Our packers use the finest materials available to protect and cushion your belongings. All furniture items are wrapped in clean protective pads to prevent scratches and other damage during shipment. Some items such as a sofa will be covered with plastic shrink wrap for protection. Your furniture and boxes are then carefully loaded into the truck to prevent shifting during the transportation. If you choose to do the packing, we can provide you with all the boxes, cartons and other packing supplies to meet your needs.